The Efikeco returnable green spool

Efikeco is very proud to offer you its new "green spool".

Why is our new spool green?

Choosing the color of our new spool is not just an aesthetic choice. This color also symbolizes a greener solution. This by offering you a deposit system, for your empty filament rolls, unique to Efikeco.

How does it work?

When you purchase our new green spools, the price includes the value of the $2 deposit. Once all your filament has been used, instead of disposing of your spool via the traditional waste system. We suggest returning it to Efikeco. Or via our "eco-recup" system at the same time as your 3D printing scrap. Or by bringing it directly to our offices. We encourage you to bundle multiple empty spools together to reduce transportation and associated environmental impact.

What happens to returned empty spools?

Once your reels are returned, we collect them and subject them to an inspection and cleaning process. In this way we are assured that they are in perfect condition to be reused.

Why choose our green spools?

For a new generation of printer, cardboard spools are not recommended or simply not usable. Efikeco's green spool therefore allows you to continue to use plastic spools while minimizing the impact of empty spools on the environment via the deposit system.

How does the eco-recup system work for my reels?

When you are ready to return your empty spools, and/or your 3D printing waste. As with the traditional eco-recovery system, all you have to do is connect to our online platform and request an eco-recovery box via our contact form by selecting "eco-recovery service". As always, our eco-recovery boxes are free from your fifteenth spool or when purchasing ten spools in bulk at Efikeco. Once the spools have been returned, we will credit you with the value of your deposits on your next purchase at Efikeco.