Our rPETG eco-filament

OUR eco -filamet rPETG is made here , in Canada. The plastic used for our filaments comes from materials from of waste recycled plastic , such as bottles and packaging of plastic (PET type 1 ). Each Coil representative the equivalent of a just over 28 bottles of water . This recovered plastic is reused After a treatment in order to create a rPETG pure and without defects .

THE rPETG is a plastic, which has very similar properties to traditional PETG. It therefore resists shock by deforming , very lightly to absorb them. It also has very good mechanical properties (see technical sheet) . That , allows us to use it to print objects such as mechanisms and gears . An excellent advantage, for everyone your robotics and pieces functional , For example.
More resistant has heat and does not propagate the flame . He can SO be used for the design of electronic boxes and for your electrical projects .

Having aesthetic properties more than acceptable , it can however be treated with paint and/or varnish .

In terms of printing our rPETG prints much more easily than traditional PET. Indeed, the melting and printing temperatures are very slightly lower than normal PET.

Main feature:

  • For printing more resistant parts
  • High temperature
  • Weather resistant
  • Resistant to mechanical stress and slightly flexible
  • Resistant to thermal and electrical stress
  • Fire retardant